Partner with us for better leaders, a better church and a better world image

Partner with us for better leaders, a better church and a better world

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We invite you to partner with us in building a better church and a better world by helping Catholic leaders and members around the world learn to Lead Like Jesus.

We have been doing this work for over 10 years. Our history is a collection of miracles, many of them provided by our generous partners. They have made it possible to continually expand the scope and depth of our ministry and we hope now that you will partner with us too so that we can continue to build a better church and world ... one encounter, one conversion, one miracle at a time.

We are inspired by the knowledge that our mission and vision are shared by Pope Francis, who on various occasions has spoken of the critical need in the church and in the world for effective leaders who are Servants, Stewards and Shepherds – our S3 Model.

There is no doubt that the world needs more Jesus-like Leaders in our homes, our workplaces, our parishes and our broader communities. It's also certain that if we want these kinds of leaders shaping the future, we have to consciously and deliberately develop them. That is our Mission. And that is the work for which we are soliciting your partnership and stewardship.

We are a global ministry having shared S3 Jesus-like Leadership with Catholics and others in five countries on four continents. We have an active ministry in Uganda that focuses on teaching high school and college students, as well as seminarians, how to be Jesus-like Leaders.

With your help, we can continue to move ever closer to our Vision: Every Catholic in every walk of life leads like Jesus — as servant, steward and shepherd.

Please be generous today.